Trouble Finding Employees? Recruiting Videos Can Work Wonders

You’re looking for employees for your business, but you’re struggling to find them – and that’s where recruiting videos can help. Video is the fastest-growing form of content online, so it makes sense that these videos are an effective way to fill open positions. If your business is looking to hire new workers, these tips can help you get started making a video for recruitment that will attract the right candidates.

People Mainly Respond To Visuals Better

People are visual creatures, so they respond to visuals better than they do to text. This can be especially true when you’re reaching out to potential employees who are not local or don’t speak your language.

Videos for recruitment are a great way for employers and recruiters alike to showcase their company culture and mission statement, as well as provide an opportunity for applicants who might not otherwise apply an easy way in which they can get an inside look at what it’s like working there.

Video Is The Fastest Growing Form Of Content Online

According to a recent study, videos are shared more than any other kind of content on social media. In fact, they’re shared three times more than photos and four times more than articles!

Videos also get more views than any other type of post you can create on social media platforms. A study conducted recently revealed that blog posts with images got 6X as many shares compared to those without images. However, when they were paired with video content they received 16X as many shares.

Video Can Reach A Wider Audience Than A Written Ad

Video can reach a wider audience than a written ad, making it especially useful for companies with difficult-to-fill vacancies in remote areas or when the job requires specific skills and experience.

Video is also more engaging than text, making it easier for candidates to learn about your company and apply for jobs. Video can be watched on any device–from desktop computers to smartphones–no matter where you are or what time of day it is.

Recruiting Videos Help You Create A Professional Image For Your Company

Finally, recruiting videos are more effective than written ads because they allow candidates to see what life at your company is like, which can be more effective than simply reading about it. These videos are also much cheaper than hiring people to do interviews or scheduling time on site visits, so they’re worth considering if you’re having trouble finding employees.